Monday, December 15, 2008

The location!!!!!! {i am a dictionary}

The valley of the Kings lies about one mile west of the Nile Flood Plain at Thebes. OK just kidding if I wanted to boar you half to death I would have just handed you the dictionary. So rude of me. Right? Well I would never do that to you. The valley lies about 230 feet above the level of the Nile river. I think i am going to chuck up. That is really high! Any way the valley is also 460 feet above mean sea level. Uh-oh its coming. Last but defiantly not least the valley and the immediately surrounding hill rise about 265 feet above the valley's floor. How would you like to climb up those hills around the Valley of the Kings. Well you might have already figured out but I would pass on that adventure. Ha that is so me doing a flip in that picture. : D


  1. You showed a lot of voice on this one. Really good job, you kept my attention the whole time I was reading it.