Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Place Published: Chicago, IL

* Title: The Valley of the Kings World Book online refrence Center
Aurthor: Wilkinson, Richard H.
Date: 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

The location!!!!!! {i am a dictionary}

The valley of the Kings lies about one mile west of the Nile Flood Plain at Thebes. OK just kidding if I wanted to boar you half to death I would have just handed you the dictionary. So rude of me. Right? Well I would never do that to you. The valley lies about 230 feet above the level of the Nile river. I think i am going to chuck up. That is really high! Any way the valley is also 460 feet above mean sea level. Uh-oh its coming. Last but defiantly not least the valley and the immediately surrounding hill rise about 265 feet above the valley's floor. How would you like to climb up those hills around the Valley of the Kings. Well you might have already figured out but I would pass on that adventure. Ha that is so me doing a flip in that picture. : D

K to the ENT Weeks! :D

Back in time in 1995. Hey that wasn't to long ago. I was born in 1996 so that would have been about 13 years ago. Any who Kent Weeks was digging through rocks and dirt that blocked a tombs doorway.Oh a secret passage! Kent and other archaeologist were exploring Egypt's Valley of the Kings ,Kent thought he would find a small room on the other side of the doorway. Tell me more! What did he find? I am dying to know. Instead , he found a long hallway lined with doorways.OMG! The doorways had led to more halls and rooms.There were more than 130 rooms. Dang it must have been a big area. Wow that story awesome it made me get goosebumps. Just Kidding, but you got to admit it was pretty exciting. My question did they get any money ? Opps my bad my mom told me never to ask if you get money for doing certain jobs or discovering new things.

Say what about Valley of the Presidents?

Hummm.... It got me thinking why the heck were mostly Pharaohs and government officials buried in The Valley of the Kings? Oh, well I mean this is a stupid idea to have a valley where kings were buried. Why doesn't the Untied Sates just have a Valley of the Presidents? Well the early Pharaohs were buried in large stone pyramids. How would you liked to be buried under a huge stone pyramid? Many of the large pyramids were built during a time period of ancient Egypt called the Old Kingdom. This Period took about 3,000 to 4,700 years ago. WOW that was long ago in the age before time. About 3,000 to 3,500 years ago a period called the New Kingdom began. Yeah finally a New kingdom! In that time Pharaohs wanted different tombs.Heck I would want a new life. Also in the New kingdom Pharaohs wanted to be buried in tombs cut into the sides of hills. I am dead and under a hill. Just great. It ended up being really hard to guard a large stone pyramid. Often expensive items that were buried with the kings things were stolen. Ahhh that would stink to be buried with some of your favorite things and someone stole those items. How rude! But if you were one of those few tombs that hadn't been robbed. Well that was only because, the were difficult to find or hard to enter. Lucky Ducks. : p

The process of what?

My question would you want to have helped create the Valley of the Kings. Well you might second guess your answer after you read this. Help me !!! I am just getting worn out trying to explain the process building the Valley of the Kings. Obviously It was a large and difficult project for the Egyptians. There were between 30 - 120 workers who built a tomb. Omg I definitely would not want to be one of those workers to build a tomb. The workers who built a tomb in the 18th dynasty were called servents in the great place. How rude! Later on workers were called servents in the Great place. Well thats not much better. So has your answer changed. Well mine deffintaly has.

Eww!! Dead people!!

Ok so I wondered if the discovery of The Valley of the Kings meant anything to the scientist. I mean finding a place where dead Pharaoh Egyptians were buried. Ew! Well I guess it was a pretty important discovery to scientist. After all if they would find objects they sent them to musems to keep them safe. My question who would want to steal objects they found buried with dead people. But if I question myself i guess the objects they found in the Valley of the Kings taught the scientist how they Egyptains may have lived there daily life.